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Mr.Kaname Sakuma
Mr.Isamu Sakuma

In recent years, as the field of manufacturing has been shifted overseas and cheap ucts flooded the market, consciousness, attitude towards manufacturing, and way of thinking have come to be questioned. Being "the Japan made" to see well of "trust and the technique" of the builder. I always have a problem consciousness and I try to make a heartfelt thing. Long experience, original leather of KANAME handled by expert craftsman. We call it "the KANAME brand" which is difference from other leather. And we are trying to make things suitable for each purpose, such as customer needs, shoes, bags, belts, accessories and wear.

Head office & Showroom

Kaname Co., LTD
131-0033 2-6-16 Mukoujima sumida-ku Tokyo Japan
Tel:03-3623-8545 Fax:03-3623-8530

Finishing DEP.
131-0042 2-4-27 Higashisumida Sumida-ku Tokyo Japan